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What's the Plan?

My approach is tailored to YOUR needs and goals, utilizing the following phases:

Phase 1:

Meet and Greet - to establish if we're a good fit. 


Phase 2:

Full Nutritional Analysis - to gather all the information I need to develop a personalized wellness plan to support you in your health and wellness or fitness goals.

Phase 3:

Plan Discussion - to share my recommendations on food intake, supplements to look into based on symptomology, markers your doctors may have not tested for that would be helpful and informative, exercise load and frequency, potential medical specialists to see, and health treatments to explore.


Phase 4:

Reanalyze - to update me on any changes made, what helped, what didn't help, any new bloodwork results from the doctor,  any new symptomology, what can we change in the plan and what more can we do.

   Start your journey today!    

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